Monrin ® scalp & hair professional excellence

The Italian brand Monrin has been on the world market for more than 18 years. As a precursor to trichological dermocosmetics, it has gained recognition among professionals in the fields of dermatology, trichology, medical and hair centers but also as home use for daily hair and scalp care. We thank our current customers, suppliers, wholesalers, dermatologists, hair clinics, medical and cosmetic hair centers, SPA, for their trust. We invite to respect our mission. 

Monrin mission is: 

to make the hair treatments sector trusted,

to avoid illusions to customers,

to use resolutive and pleasant methods,

to give relief on scalp, 

to simplify the steps of use of the products, 

to adapt the solution for scalp and hair to daily life,

to use the same quantity of water like with a normal hair washing or at least similar,  

Monrin is minimal to make it easy and ecological, 

Monrin respects the biology,

Monrin mission is possible thanks to the prepared professionals whom we thank for the trust given in us so far.

We invite to look at the name

Monrin ® name

M  M I N I M A L   

O  O P T I M A L         

N  N A T U R A L         

R  R E L I A B L E          

I  I N N O V A T I V E

N  N I C E  

Monrin ® method

as first, if

 neccessary, make

the scalp peeling

soften and

purify the


scalp with

the normal

or delicate


do not rinse off



after 0-1 minutes

 act on scalp

with a proper

scalp extract

with natural


then after 5-25


wash all with 

one of the 

5  shampoos,

here is the first

time you 

use the water 

as you rinse off all

 together with the


if you have 

medium or long 



the hair 


one of the 2 hair


rinse off


leave on





on hair,

do not rinse off


if necessary,

leave on





do not rinse off

some of the professionals may need the training. For the preparing materials ask the distributor of your zone.

even for the simplified treatment the professional consultation may be necessary.

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