Monrin ® history  

2005-2006 - research and creation of formulas Monrin

2006 - Monrin product registration  

2006 - Monrin opening of the European market 

2007 - Monrin opening of the South Korean market

2014 - Monrin opening of the Scandinavian market

2014 - 2024 Monrin work in progress for the world market

The Italian brand Monrin has been on the world market for more than 18 years. As a precursor to trichological dermocosmetics, it has gained recognition among professionals in the fields of dermatology, trichology, medical and hair centers but also as home use for daily hair and scalp care. We thank our current customers, suppliers, wholesalers, dermatologists, hair clinics, medical and cosmetic hair centers, SPA, for their trust. We invite to respect our mission